The choice of what engine to put into Milo 2 was guided mainly by the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), which meant staying away from electronic fuel injection and the so called benefit of computers. It didn’t take me long to decide on a Toyota 12HT straight six 4L engine that was originally fitted to the 60 Series cruisers. The only problem was finding one at a reasonable price and in decent enough condition. Eventually one popped up on Gumtree and we were off.

Pulling out the engine and gearbox in one piece isn’t always possible, but with most of the front end bodywork out of the way it didn’t take me and the boys and Opposite Lock Sunshine Coast long to get it out. The real bonus was that when we did a quick test fit to the chassis, it looks like it will be a pretty simple job. But before we get to that stage the gearbox and long block are off to Terrain Tamer to get rebuilt and the injection pump, injectors and turbo are heading to MTQ Engine Systems in Brisbane for a full work over.