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Milo 2 – Terrain Tamer Engine Rebuild – Roothy Bushmechanic

Having done well over half a million Kms in with the 13BT engine that the team at terrain Tamer rebuilt for Milo, I was stoked when Brent offered to rebuild the 12HT engine for Milo 2. Combined with the awesome work that MTQ Engine Systems in brisbane did on the injection pump and and turbo, and the Marks 4WD adapters in the transfer case, I am confident that Milo 2’s engine and driveline are going to be way better than the original factory gear.

Milo 2 – Turbo Test Fit and Radiator Frame – Roothy Bushmechanic

From years of experience with Milo I know that customising trucks is never a straightforward job and can be frustrating when things don’t come together first up. I gave my mate Richard a call from Smart Automotive Solutions to get some advice on wiring looms for the 12HT as it is not an engine I am familiar with. Before I knew it he rocked up and has pitched in on the whole rebuild, which is handy given hi background in building tough as nails cars for the world rally championships. We made some progress on getting the engine set up, but we also found a heap of parts that we are missing to get the job done right, no worries though we will keep plugging away and have Milo 2 belting round the yard in no time!

Milo 2 – What To Do With the Back End? – Roothy Bushmechanic

With the work on the mechanical side of Milo 2 picking up the pace, it’s time to start getting serious about what to do with the body. I decided at the outset that Milo 2 is going to be a ute, and my mate Dean from The Bush Company gave me call and got me geed up about this classic 1970 single cab ute tray. So a quick trip up to the Sunshine Coast was in order to check it out. Thing was, as we got into it Dean pulled out this nearly new styleside tub off a South African version of a 70 series and thats where things got really interesting.

if you want to find out more about these tubs give the lads at The Bush Company a call on +61 7 5302 6948.

Milo 2 – Gearbox Install – Roothy Bushmechanic

With the engine in place the next job was to get the gearbox bolted up. Shifting these things around on your own can be a bit of a challenge so I was glad to have Lachlan to lend a hand. The main objective with the install of the engine and gearbox has been to keep everything as stress free as possible. We had to fiddle about a bit with the cross member under the gearbox, but the box of bits that my mate Paul ‘Mr landcruiser’ had lent me meant we had it covered.

Roothy’s Australia – The Jeep Update

Jeep has a ‘there nd back’ guarantee and the team at WESTPOINT JEEP were willing to put their money where Jeep’s mouth is. They lent us a brand new Grand Cherokee to take on a 10,000km outback jaunt on backroads and cross country. What do you need to make a stock Cherokee an OUTBACK WEAPON? Before going we took it to OPPOSITE LOCK WESTSIDE to get it equipped. A bit of OL goes a long way but adding a VRS WINCH, some bash plate protection, a FrontRunner rack with mounts for the obligatory MAXTRAX, some LIGHTFORCE driving and LED lightbar lights, an OPPOSITE LOCK awning, CTEK dual batteries and a PHOENIX inverter for the camera team and some ACHILLES DESERT HAWK mud terrain tyres meant the Cherokee was ready to go rambling in the outback. Huge thanks to Aaron and the crew at OL WESTSIDE for their advice and fitting expertise. Right, let’s see how this real world Jeep test is going!

Milo Clutch Repair – Roothy Bushmechanic

On the recent trip up to Darwin for my mates wedding, and an excuse to do some serious 4WDing, Milo decided to spit the dummy just as we arrived in Darwin and the slave cylinder on the clutch fully packed up. Now options were pretty limited as it was Easter weekend and most places were shut. I managed to get some Mazda brake rubbers off a mate of mine and got stuck in to classic piece of bushmechanic work. Can’t have been a bad job either because the fix lasted through a full week of full on 4WDing in and around the Adelaide River (highly recommended) and the 3,500Km trip back to Brisbane!

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