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I’ve always loved my T-shirts but it can be really hard getting stuff that says exactly what I wanted it to say that fitted and could take the sort of abuse a lifetime roughing it outdoors can dish out. So I figured why not have a go and make it easy for everybody else too?

You’ll find heaps of awesome designs here from the brilliant ‘Get Out There’ design based on some artwork my mate the Aussie artist John Murray painted years ago to a bunch of current designs featuring the trucks we build and drive – yes, there’s even Nissan and Jeep designs here too….geesus….

You know, when John Murray and I were working in Lightning Ridge back in the 1980’s I doubt either of us figured we’d wind up living the lives we have. Actually I don’t think we thought much past the next party to be honest. Most of the stuff featured here hadn’t even been released back then. A bloke lives and learns right.

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And because we all like to express ourselves differently – especially my mates down at the Mudflats on a Friday avo, we came up with a whole heap of different words to go with the different designs. That means you can order a hoodie, T-shirt, singlet or sweater in pretty much any colour you want, with the words and design that suits you or your mate best. Even the ‘rolled truck’ one.

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