We are in the final stages of this build now so we are having to make some tough decisions. Originally I had planned to run Milo 2 on split rims and skinny tyres, but unfortunately the split rims I had got hold of were just too far gone to rescue. Luckily my mate Chris at Dynamic stepped right up and provided us with a new set of Dynamic steel rims. these are the same as the ones I have been running on Milo for years now and they are tough as nails and incredibly well balanced.

The 79 Series Tub that Dean from The Bush Company provided came back from Flying Paint and Hylton has done an awesome job again. Not only is it looking very green, but he has lined the inside of the tub with Dominator which is urethane based and goes incredibly hard to protect the inside of the tub from…well me mainly!

Because the tailgate on the 79 Series tub is pretty wide, Mick from Engel Australia suggested that I use a fridge slide this time round. I was a bit sceptical at first as I am so used to be able to reach back in Milo and get to the fridge behind the seats, but with a single cab ute that isn’t an option this time so the fridge slide made sense. Knowing how tough the Engel fridges are, I wasn’t really surprised to find that the fridge slide is made to the same high standards.

Stephen from East Coast Performance Coating dropped off the exhaust and WOW, the chrome finish look has really turned this into a piece of art and I can’t wait to fire the truck up and hear the note from the 12Ht and High-Flow turbo.

Big learning experience for me was the discussion with Donaldson Filters about the requirements for the 12HT. I have been running their filters on the roof of my trucks for years, mainly to get cleaner air on dusty tracks, but the 12HT is a different beast to my 13BT or a 2H engines. The engineers at Donaldson Filters worked out that I needed a filter capable of delivering a peak Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of up to 550 with a 5 inch intake. I don’t care what it looks like, all I want is for the engine to be able to run at optimum performance.

Having tested the Federal Couragia M/T tyres on Milo for the past 18 months, I was happy to fit another set onto the Dynamic steel 16 inch rims.