Wow, Milo 2’s gonna be flush with comfort! Big talks with Neville at the with Aussie owned company Tru-Fit Automotive Products means I’ve got the gist of soundproofing and insulating the cabin so here we go – thanks to my mate Jason anyway who’s a whole lot more patient than me! Gees, maybe the Handbrake will want to come on more trips now eh? Hope not. Anyway next thing we know our mate Chris from Sunshine Coast Windscreens shows up to professionally fit the glass back into the cabin including a new windscreen – wow, things are really happening – and happening properly for a change too. Help support the Milo 2 project and subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates on all things Roothy!

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01:55 Resomat sound deadener
02:11 Sound Deadener installed
04:38 Milo 2 Winsdcreen Install