Lightforce hold a record with me because I never saw any value in driving lights until I finally gave their 170’s a go about fifteen years ago. The problems were always the same – the vibration knocked lights out of focus the first time you clocked a few rough miles at night or screws fell out and bulbs blew. But this South Aussie company, with a background in developing top flight gear for sporting shooters, built their products light and tough. So that first set of lights are still in the shed and still work.

At Tuff Truck I rolled a truck with a row of Lightforce spotties on a roof bar and they all survived too. Now you add that to the fact that this local company leads the world in developing genuine night time vision and there’s really no competition.

So when I had the chance to take a look at their manufacturing operation in Adelaide a while back I just couldn’t resist. It is just fantastic to see world beating products being manufactured right here in Australia!