Lightforce hold a record with me because I never saw any value in driving lights until I finally gave their 170’s a go about fifteen years ago. The problems were always the same – the vibration knocked lights out of focus the first time you clocked a few rough miles at night or screws fell out and bulbs blew. But this South Aussie company, with a background in developing top flight gear for sporting shooters, built their products light and tough. So that first set of lights are still in the shed and still work. At Tuff Truck I rolled a truck with a row of Lightforce spotties on a roof bar and they all survived too. Now you add that to the fact that this local company leads the world in developing genuine night time vision and there’s really no competition.

Who Is Lightforce?

The extraordinary story of LIGHTFORCE began over 35 years ago with the founder Dr Raymond Dennis (Ray) in the country town of Cleve in South Australia.  After searching the retail market for a high quality and robust spotlight to use on his property and finding nothing suitable, he decided to build one himself. Ray recognised the potential demand for the lightweight, portable and hand-held spotlight which lay before him.  It was a system powerful enough to use for professional purposes yet priced within the grasp of the enthusiast and sportsman.

Enter Lightforce. Ray soon produced his first commercially manufactured lighting system. Based on original designs, his lighting systems found such favour among professionals and sporting enthusiasts alike that production was increased and new improvements were incorporated.

Lightforce is now based in Adelaide, South Australia and employs over 70 trained staff. Their fabrication plant has grown into a sophisticated manufacturing facility and Lightforce has a formidable reputation as a global leader in innovative design and excellence in the manufacture of high performance and durable lighting systems. Ongoing development has opened up new markets and their award winning range of modular accessories has helped increase demand to the point where they now export to over 50 countries worldwide.

With more than 30 years experience,Lightforce is now a global leader in portable professional lighting systems as well as driving lights, rifle-scope optics and lighting accessories.