Why Darche? You’ve got to be kidding! First of all, as a long term swag man, I’ve been sleeping in a canvas roll since the 1970’s. Then, about twenty years ago, I saw my first dome swag, the pole supported style that everybody copies these days. Before that a swag was just a big bit of canvas you flipped over yourself or if it was fancy, the same but sewn into a bag.

So who changed the world? Darche, at that stage a little company working out of Victoria. Their ideas were so good the Charles Parsons Group took notice and brought them into the fold.

Now Charles Parsons has been the number one wholesale supplier of quality textiles in Australia – and a lot of the rest of the world – for over one hundred years. Nobody knows materials, textiles, thread and manufacturing better than them. Line up these ducks and you know what you get? That’s right, the most innovative camping solutions featuring the best materials put together by the company with the most knowledge in the game.

Which would all mean diddly squat if it wasn’t for the fact that a Darche swag on a Darche bunk with a Darche sleeping bag inside is how I’ve travelled for more than a decade or so. I’m so bloody comfortable in my Darche that I usually have to spend a few nights in it back home after a trip just to get some sleep!

They’re the quickest to set up, come with the best bags and quite frankly anybody else is either copying with sub standard products or flopping around trying to take on the king. Give me Darche, or it’s not worth going to bed!

This is your chance to win a Darche Ridgedome Swag signed by me which I use on pretty much all of my camping trips.  To enter just Click Here to go to the Darche website and in 25 words or less, tell us your most hilarious or outrageous camping moment for a chance to win a Roothy signed Max-Treme® Ridgedome Swag.


The great thing about Darche is that they are always searching for ways to improve their already outstanding products and that includes testing them in what must be the most extreme conditions to ensure that they never let you down.  Check out the video of the testing they put their products through.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, wind conditions are categorised by wind speeds in kph intervals with speeds of 60-90kmph classified as near gale to strong gale winds.  In collaboration with Monash University, Darche tested our Air-Volution™ AT-6 and their Hi-View 2 RTT against ground-breaking winds. Testing was conducted in the three-quarter open-jet test section of the Monash University 1.4MW Wind Tunnel. The wind tunnel is a closed circuit wind tunnel that is powered by four DC electric motors that drive two fans, each five metres in diameter. Testing was conducted with the jet in a raised position at a height of 4150 mm and a width of 4025 mm, providing a jet area of ~16.7 square metres. (Rowcroft & Burton 2016).

The Darche gear was tested against a range of yaw angles with 10 second incremental increases of constant wind speed held for 30 seconds at a time.

The results:

Air-Volution™ AT-6: 3.5 minutes of constant wind suspended at 69kph with full recovery and no structural damage.

Hi-View 2 RTT: 4 minutes of constant wind suspended at 81kph with full recovery and no structural damage.

Darche products have already proven to withstand wind gusts of up to 110kmph in natural conditions. However, constant gale force winds conducted in a wind tunnel is what takes this to the next level, as tremendous forces have been applied on all integral structural elements, including major A&B seams.