Solar Power Analyser


If you’re serious about solar power you need one of these.  Simple but comprehensive it gives you data on input from panels and status of the battery.

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Solar Power Analyser

The Solar Power Analyser has Anderson Plugs both ends ready to connect to your deep cycle battery and solar panel. This all range Amp / Watt meter is also a powerful data logger that keeps track of AH Wh Vh Vm, load time and more. It also works on all systems including all 4 to 60 volt systems with a full voltage range up to 60 volts. It can handle 150 amps surge and operate at 75 amps continuous.

Works on all wind turbines, solar panels and hydro systems up to 60 volt DC input. Also measures accumulated Amp Hours, Watt hours, Volt minutes and Watt production. Truly amazing to have so many features packed into this small meter.


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