Roothy’s Out Of Range Special Offer


The awesome special offer includes:

  • Roothy’s Out Of Range signed copy – 200 pages with seven iconic 4WD destinations.
  • Twin Disc DVD ‘Darwin Unplugged’ – Milo and roothy kicking it up in the Northern Territory.
  • Milo 2 Roothy Stubby Cooler – the latest version of the Roothy stubby cooler series.

With this offer, you save up to 25% on the normal retail price of these items. More details on these products can be found in the product description below.

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Roothy’s Out Of Range

With Roothy as your guide, Out of Range takes you on seven of the most iconic 4WD trips in Australia. Over 200 pages, there’s sandy deserts to cross, snowy mountains to climb, crocodile swamps to plunge through and sun-drenched beaches to soak up, all captured with stunning images.  Roothy has spent over 25 years exploring the most remote and spectacular locations across this great country and inspiring thousands to discover the Australian bush.

Where a little trip is thousands of kilometres and a busy place means someone’s been there before, you’ll smell the dust, the rain and the diesel on every page. This is the story of one man’s love for his country his truck and some of the more incredible adventures they’ve shared.

These signed copies are exclusive to the store and every copy comes with a Roothy vehicle sticker.

Roothy DVD – Darwin Unplugged

Talk about mixing work and pleasure, the Handbrake got the invite to Mark and Shay’s wedding and next thing I know we’re off in Milo to Darwin. For the first time ever you guys get to see exactly how mad Roothy’s life on the road can be.

Once we got to Darwin the local mob wanted to take us bush to show off their country. How could we say no, even with the Wet season still hanging around like a giant wet spot? Talk about insane fun, this 2 disc DVD set show Aussie off-roaders the way we are – Penny punting the family 80, Dan taking his daughter Paige for the ‘play in the mud’ she loves, Chiz pulling some monumental efforts in a pretty basic Triton proving what knowledge of country and understanding your truck can do in the real world and Ben in the mighty GQ he and Mark built with a six inch lift.

Yep there’s nothing ‘usual’ about these DVDs. Even the music’s fair dinkum, thanks to eMDee’s (that’s Mark who’ll you’ll see getting married!) didgeridoo and my old mates ‘The Giants’, one of Australia’s longest serving touring rock and roll bands.

Strap yourself in and come along for the ride! Like the Handbrake says, this might be the most honest trip you’ll ever see. Me? I reckon you’ll love it!

Roothy Stubby Cooler

Keep your vitals cool with all new Roothy’s Stubby Cooler. The cooler is fully wrapped with a great picture (shown below) of Roothy’s new truck Milo 2 in action in the Flinders Ranges, and the Roothy signature emblazoned with the Southern Cross.  You can’t go wrong with this high quality neoprene stubby cooler with fully glued bottom.

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