Perth 4WD Show 2016

Competition Is Now Closed

Thanks to everyone that entered the ticket competition, we had a real good laugh at some of the comments, unfortunately you can’t all be winners.  The lucky ten winners are listed below, your tickets will be emailed to you shortly.

Name City Postal Code Caption
Chris jubb Safety Bay 6169 Just checking the diff oil 😜
John Landless Perth 6153 You put your front wheel in, you lift your back wheel up… and shake it all about
Ben Perth 6155 Just cocking a tyre and marking my territory!
Geoff Hays Bassendean 6054 Ok who took the left hand wheels off
Nudge Stiles Perth 6000 This looks like a great spot to set up camp…
Mark McEvoy Perth 6000 Not again,flamin rabbit holes
Michael Ostaszewskyj Perth 6000 I swear love the hole came out of nowhere. I need to buy some new suspension for the cruiser now.
Joshua watkins Perth 6163 Bugger! Should’ve bought a 40
Melissa Stewart Baldivis 6171 Alan Gray just doing his usual under body checks out bush
Tim Stewart Burswood 6100 It’s a Toyota, there’s no oil leaks…look for yourself!