Richard’s knocking up a beaut dash panel out of aluminium plate having declined my offer of some cheapo cutting boards like the ones I used in Milo. But apart from a lot of updating and ‘SMART’ solutions the original’s simplicity is being retained. I copped the job of refitting the blower motor for the heater – yeck, too much comfort! – and bolted a new Terrain Tamer clutch master cylinder and the vacuum brake unit that Brookers Brake and Clutch rebuilt, to the firewall. There’s a bit of a yarn in this video on vacuum and what it does for those who’ve never used one at home… hahaha, that’d be you Chooka – and finally we get to fit a throttle that’s a mixture of 40 and 60 parts! If you are loving this build project as much as me and the lads then make sure you help us out by subscribing to this channel, its FREE!

00:35 Tough As Nail Dash
03:30 Milo 2 Get A Heater – Luxury!
07:13 Brake booster
09:50 Bomber Command Centre