I’m really excited about the build on Milo 2 because it’s finally underway! When Allan Gray from Terrain Tamer took a look at the new old Troopy his advice was to get the body off for a full no nonsense build. I never had that luxury with Milo because she was always in action, but this time it’s different. My mates Nick Flanigan and Nick Ball from Opposite Lock on the Sunshine Coast wanted to get involved and this is all good given their combined experience building custom tourers and tough winch comp vehicles. Of course the Terrain Tamer team will be involved again just like they always were with Milo so the result is likely to be awesome. This is the culmination of a lifetime’s experience touring and 4WDing and of course all the lessons learnt from Milo over the past 20 years. Stay tuned folks, there’ll be regular updates on ‘Project Milo 2’ over the next few months.
Speaking of which, the ‘Milo 2’ name is a working title, it might be that or it might be something new – even thought of painting it blue and calling it Bluey – so chuck me your thoughts as we go – thanks!

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