Milo 2 In Action – this is it folks! The first footage of Milo2 in action although she’s just limbering up compared to some of my 40 Series mates who don’t mind playing hard! All this new paint’s got me a tad shy right now but no doubt that’ll change. The plan was always to drive Milo2 to Melbourne for the huge National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo​ but with the O.C.K.A. (Old Cruisers Kick Arse) run set the weekend before, we sped things up to make that too. Talk about a great bunch of Aussies and some awesome trucks – and all playing in the best country on earth. Check this out because the way this new truck feels already I reckon you’ll be seeing lots more of her in future. She’s built to do the big miles easy. To stay in touch with how Milo 2’s evolving – there’s heaps to do yet! – and to see where she’s going subscribe to the Roothy channel – get in now, it’s free!

00:44 Milo 2 in action in the high country
01:55 Meeting up with the OCKA
02:22 40 Series in action
03:32 The OCKA Gathering