After fitting the Donaldson Air Filter with the 5″ outlet, we had to go for a 4″ Snorkel so as not to restrict the airflow. Pete stepped up again and fabricated the pipe for us with only a 3″ section just before the turbo inlet. Stephen from East Coast Performance Coatings will give the snorkel a ceramic coating in black which will protect the steel and also reduce glare. We had to modify the Front Runner roof rack to make the snorkel stay close the the line of the truck and roof, but hey modification is the name of the game!

Richard from SMART AUtomotive Solutions is in the final stage of the
new wiring loom and has done an amazing job re-wiring the Lancaster Bomber Arming Switch to accommodate all of the accessories for the truck.

The big event was getting the Bush Company Rhino Cab Extreme Aluminium canopy back from Ridgewood Powder Coating. Dean checks all of the canopies himself and does the final assembly to ensure that the workmanship is up to scratch and that the tolerances on the seals to keep dust out are spot on. When fully assembled this canopy only weighs about 50Kg which is amazing given the incredible amount of space it provides.

The Lightforce lights showed up right on schedule along with the Outback Accessories XROX front bar. There aren’t many companies that do a new bar for the 40 Series so I was stoked when Jessica called me to offer and Xrox for Milo 2. The low mount winch will be installed later as I won’t be pushing this truck that hard for the first few weeks. The Xrox bar provides a great platform for the Lightforce Genesis driving lights, and we installed the Rok 20 lights into the wings of the bar to provide that extra light on the sides of the tracks. The 30 inch lightbar fitted well under the front of the Front Runner roof rack and I will be knocking up a sun visor at some point.

We are so close now to finishing this build, getting the truck registered and heading for a drive, it is going to be awesome.

00:12 Fabricating the 4″ Snorkel
01:08 Wiring Up The Bomber Command Panel
02:09 Powder Coating and Canopy Assembly
03:55 Getting tHe Lighting Sorted
09:48 Fitting the canopy
11:55 Front end protection sorted