Yep, this is it folks, the first time Milo 2 gets driven, even if it is a bit short on ‘features’. Incredibly exciting moment in the build up project because this is the first time I’ve felt the new Terrain Tamer gearbox and motor working together. Had the family out there working together too and you can bet we all celebrated that night! Pretty soon it’ll be up and off to the Bush Company up the Sunny Coast where we’ll be fitting her out and letting Richard go ’Smart’ on the wiring.

00:45 Body mounts
04:14 Mr Landcruiser shows up
05:02 A piece of Land Rover makes it into Milo 2
05:48 Milo 2 Body onto Chassis
08:19 Terrain Tamer suspension for Milo 2
09:39 Tips on engine coolant
11:00 Getting ready for a drive, we don’t need brakes!
12:10 Fire In The Hole – Roothy drives Milo 2 for the first time