The benefit of having a dual cab tub on Milo 2 with a single cab body is that there is a really useful gap between the cab and the tub. Richard has fabricated a full width frame that will sit in the gap and carry the batteries on either side of the chassis. Between the chassis rails, my mate Cam from Brown Davis (another 40 Series nut) has offered to build an extended fuel tank that will gravity feed the standard tank. The aim is to have about 150-175L of diesel in total which with the 12HT motor should give me about 1,300Km range for exploring our great country. Once the tank is in we will be fabricating a dual spare wheel carrier to sit above it. This mean that a large body of weight will be carried almost dead centre.

Jason hooked in to putting together the Front Runner roof rack for the roof of the cab. This is going to provide critical storage for some key items like MAXTRAX, the Donaldson Air Filter and more. These racks are great as they are incredibly strong and Front Runner have heaps of accessory fittings for them.

Stephen from East Coast Coatings got in touch and offered some serious high-tech input to the project in terms of ceramic coating for the exhaust. I had ceramic coating on my Harley years ago, but the technology has come a long way since then, they can even do custom colours and chrome! The real benefit will be the ability of the coating to take the temperature out of the exhaust itself. Stephen even offered to ceramic coat the turbo housing and the manifold, but we will have to leave that for now.

Hylton from Flying Paint has worked magic on the bonnet which was probably the worst of the body panels. Left alone I would have just slapped another coat of green paint on it, but as Hylton pointed out it would have flaked off in about 3 months. Instead he cut the surface right back and then refilled all of the bad patches.

Milo 2 is already pretty special, but the classic 40 Series grill fully restored and sprayed really sets the front end off.