Building a custom truck is more art than science and the decision on what cab/body configuration to go with is never straightforward. The original plan was to use the donor 47 series white body and chop that into either a dual or extra cab. But then I figured that those bodies are getting rare as, and it would be a waste to chop up something that is in good order. After that the hunt was on for an original 40 series ute cab, and my mate Mr Landcruiser Paul Read was a huge help in tracking one down. The first choice turned out to have more rust in the body mounts than Milo so that god parted out instead. Then we found this blue single cab body which ticked pretty much all of the boxes. My lad Tom helped me strip it down and get it off the old chassis ready for the transplant onto Milo 2. I reckon this is going to look really different with that Landcruiser tub that Dean from The Bush Company has for me, but I am still working on how to pull it all together.