Big day this one, we got the body back from Hyton at Flying Paint and what a finish he achieved, even if he was forced to use my favourite roof and metal paint. We got stuck into Milo 2’s breathers (gearbox and both diffs of course) while The Bush Company’s Dean wops out the grinder to tidy up the new 79 Series tray to fit the old 47 Series chassis. Dean’s also finalising the tray mounts and showing off some great metalworking skills when we get him to help modify the gearbox bash plate too. Richard’s launching into the dash panel and fitting up the Lancaster bomber bomb arming switches we’re using to control everything while Jason’s getting everything ready to get the fuel tank back in. All that and more as push on to the final stages. To stay up to date with everything Roothy be sure to subscribe to the channel it really helps us out as well.