I can’t believe some people still don’t know about Lanotec lanolin oil and their brilliant Citra-Force degreaser. I’ve been using Lanotec in a spray bottle to keep the rust out of my vehicles ever since Bluey Boyle showed up at the shed and drank all my beer about twenty years ago!

Back then I was writing the tech pages for a caravan magazine and Bluey wanted to show me how good Lanotec was in that application. Lanotec lanolin is distilled from the oil found in a sheep’s fleece and being from a sheep station I know too well how the rails and floor of the old shearing sheds last forever. Wherever sheep have been rubbing the bolts and steel straps don’t rust, the timber doesn’t rot and insects and ants will avoid it.

So I sprayed a litre of Lanotec underneath the old Viscount van I was rebuilding back then. It worked a treat, waterproofing the plywood floor, lubricating the brake cables, sealing the electrics and rust proofing the chassis. It even made the suspension work smoothly! Not only that, no more problems with spiders or ants.

You know I like my history. You might also know that Rooth is an old Swedish name originally but whatever, it wasn’t long before I found out that lanolin oil was used by the Vikings to keep their boats, swords and axes in perfect condition during those long sea voyagers. I figured I’d give it a try under Milo instead of fish oil and, well, twenty years and a whole lot of beach driving later and there’s no more rust in the old girl than there was when I built her!

Yep, there’s nothing better for rust proofing. The way Lanotec is formulated it’ll penetrate and spread into the seams and crevices you can’t reach too. My rust proofing program is pretty simple. If I know there’s a lot of salt coming up I give her a good wash underneath using some Citra-Force to loosen up the dirt, let it dry overnight and then spray a litre or so of Lanotec everywhere underneath. Being all natural it’s good for my skin too…

I always give her a good wash underneath as soon as I can after a beach drive but over the years and in remote places sometimes that doesn’t happen for a few weeks or more. It doesn’t seem to matter. Lanotec protects.

One word of caution. The pure stuff is in squirt bottles. The pressure packs are awesome for smaller jobs but the propellants used in pressure packs means they can degrade rubber bushes and stuff if you’re not careful. Because it’s brilliant for both wood and metal it’s perfect for any combination of the two. I use it to waterproof my boots and keep the rifle polished too. Most real outdoors types soon find they can’t live without Lanotec.

Citra-Force? Brilliant! It’s weird that the strongest degreaser on the market is also the only one that’s not chemically based. Being all natural means it doesn’t burn the lawn or dry your skin and once you’ve used it, you’ll never bother with anything else.

If it says Lanotec, it’s natural and it works. Give it a go and you’ll find out for yourself!