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So Milo 2’s out and about, and everybody’s asking about the gap behind the cab.It was designed all along to carry extra fuel and the spares. I knew that’s where I wanted the weight of both but didn’t have too many ideas on how best to do it. So we got Brown and Davis involved because while a lot of offroaders know this Aussie company from their 40 years of engineering long range fuel tanks, there’s a whole lot more going in this Bayswater factory!

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Milo 2 – OCKA High Country 40 Series Meet 2017 – Roothy Roothless Tales Tue, 15 Aug 2017 21:57:18 +0000
Milo 2 In Action – this is it folks! The first footage of Milo2 in action although she’s just limbering up compared to some of my 40 Series mates who don’t mind playing hard! All this new paint’s got me a tad shy right now but no doubt that’ll change. The plan was always to drive Milo2 to Melbourne for the huge National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo​ but with the O.C.K.A. (Old Cruisers Kick Arse) run set the weekend before, we sped things up to make that too. Talk about a great bunch of Aussies and some awesome trucks – and all playing in the best country on earth. Check this out because the way this new truck feels already I reckon you’ll be seeing lots more of her in future. She’s built to do the big miles easy. To stay in touch with how Milo 2’s evolving – there’s heaps to do yet! – and to see where she’s going subscribe to the Roothy channel – get in now, it’s free!

00:44 Milo 2 in action in the high country
01:55 Meeting up with the OCKA
02:22 40 Series in action
03:32 The OCKA Gathering

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Milo 2 – Letting Her Breath, Canopy Assembly, Lighting and Dash Tue, 15 Aug 2017 01:29:44 +0000
After fitting the Donaldson Air Filter with the 5″ outlet, we had to go for a 4″ Snorkel so as not to restrict the airflow. Pete stepped up again and fabricated the pipe for us with only a 3″ section just before the turbo inlet. Stephen from East Coast Performance Coatings will give the snorkel a ceramic coating in black which will protect the steel and also reduce glare. We had to modify the Front Runner roof rack to make the snorkel stay close the the line of the truck and roof, but hey modification is the name of the game!

Richard from SMART AUtomotive Solutions is in the final stage of the
new wiring loom and has done an amazing job re-wiring the Lancaster Bomber Arming Switch to accommodate all of the accessories for the truck.

The big event was getting the Bush Company Rhino Cab Extreme Aluminium canopy back from Ridgewood Powder Coating. Dean checks all of the canopies himself and does the final assembly to ensure that the workmanship is up to scratch and that the tolerances on the seals to keep dust out are spot on. When fully assembled this canopy only weighs about 50Kg which is amazing given the incredible amount of space it provides.

The Lightforce lights showed up right on schedule along with the Outback Accessories XROX front bar. There aren’t many companies that do a new bar for the 40 Series so I was stoked when Jessica called me to offer and Xrox for Milo 2. The low mount winch will be installed later as I won’t be pushing this truck that hard for the first few weeks. The Xrox bar provides a great platform for the Lightforce Genesis driving lights, and we installed the Rok 20 lights into the wings of the bar to provide that extra light on the sides of the tracks. The 30 inch lightbar fitted well under the front of the Front Runner roof rack and I will be knocking up a sun visor at some point.

We are so close now to finishing this build, getting the truck registered and heading for a drive, it is going to be awesome.

00:12 Fabricating the 4″ Snorkel
01:08 Wiring Up The Bomber Command Panel
02:09 Powder Coating and Canopy Assembly
03:55 Getting tHe Lighting Sorted
09:48 Fitting the canopy
11:55 Front end protection sorted

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Milo 2 – Tub On Tyres Donaldson Electrics – Roothy Bushmechanis Mon, 14 Aug 2017 05:57:03 +0000
We are in the final stages of this build now so we are having to make some tough decisions. Originally I had planned to run Milo 2 on split rims and skinny tyres, but unfortunately the split rims I had got hold of were just too far gone to rescue. Luckily my mate Chris at Dynamic stepped right up and provided us with a new set of Dynamic steel rims. these are the same as the ones I have been running on Milo for years now and they are tough as nails and incredibly well balanced.

The 79 Series Tub that Dean from The Bush Company provided came back from Flying Paint and Hylton has done an awesome job again. Not only is it looking very green, but he has lined the inside of the tub with Dominator which is urethane based and goes incredibly hard to protect the inside of the tub from…well me mainly!

Because the tailgate on the 79 Series tub is pretty wide, Mick from Engel Australia suggested that I use a fridge slide this time round. I was a bit sceptical at first as I am so used to be able to reach back in Milo and get to the fridge behind the seats, but with a single cab ute that isn’t an option this time so the fridge slide made sense. Knowing how tough the Engel fridges are, I wasn’t really surprised to find that the fridge slide is made to the same high standards.

Stephen from East Coast Performance Coating dropped off the exhaust and WOW, the chrome finish look has really turned this into a piece of art and I can’t wait to fire the truck up and hear the note from the 12Ht and High-Flow turbo.

Big learning experience for me was the discussion with Donaldson Filters about the requirements for the 12HT. I have been running their filters on the roof of my trucks for years, mainly to get cleaner air on dusty tracks, but the 12HT is a different beast to my 13BT or a 2H engines. The engineers at Donaldson Filters worked out that I needed a filter capable of delivering a peak Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of up to 550 with a 5 inch intake. I don’t care what it looks like, all I want is for the engine to be able to run at optimum performance.

Having tested the Federal Couragia M/T tyres on Milo for the past 18 months, I was happy to fit another set onto the Dynamic steel 16 inch rims.

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Milo 2 Doors Battery bracket ceramic Coating Roof Rack Sat, 12 Aug 2017 00:29:06 +0000
The benefit of having a dual cab tub on Milo 2 with a single cab body is that there is a really useful gap between the cab and the tub. Richard has fabricated a full width frame that will sit in the gap and carry the batteries on either side of the chassis. Between the chassis rails, my mate Cam from Brown Davis (another 40 Series nut) has offered to build an extended fuel tank that will gravity feed the standard tank. The aim is to have about 150-175L of diesel in total which with the 12HT motor should give me about 1,300Km range for exploring our great country. Once the tank is in we will be fabricating a dual spare wheel carrier to sit above it. This mean that a large body of weight will be carried almost dead centre.

Jason hooked in to putting together the Front Runner roof rack for the roof of the cab. This is going to provide critical storage for some key items like MAXTRAX, the Donaldson Air Filter and more. These racks are great as they are incredibly strong and Front Runner have heaps of accessory fittings for them.

Stephen from East Coast Coatings got in touch and offered some serious high-tech input to the project in terms of ceramic coating for the exhaust. I had ceramic coating on my Harley years ago, but the technology has come a long way since then, they can even do custom colours and chrome! The real benefit will be the ability of the coating to take the temperature out of the exhaust itself. Stephen even offered to ceramic coat the turbo housing and the manifold, but we will have to leave that for now.

Hylton from Flying Paint has worked magic on the bonnet which was probably the worst of the body panels. Left alone I would have just slapped another coat of green paint on it, but as Hylton pointed out it would have flaked off in about 3 months. Instead he cut the surface right back and then refilled all of the bad patches.

Milo 2 is already pretty special, but the classic 40 Series grill fully restored and sprayed really sets the front end off.

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Milo 2 – Engine Loom and Rhino CaB Aluminium Canopy – Roothy Bushmechanis. Wed, 09 Aug 2017 21:01:56 +0000
At this stage in the build everything is starting to come together which is great, but also means that there is a lot to keep track of. Richard from SMART Automotive Solutions is getting stuck into the new wiring loom; with Milo the electrics evolved over 20 plus years so you can well imagine what it is like, so it is going to be great to have a built for purpose loom in Milo 2, especially when it has been put together with the kind of attention to detail that Richard has brought to this project. The Bush Company Rhino Cab Extreme Aluminium Canopy that will be on top of the new 79 Series tub is coming together. Dust has always been an issue for me in my trucks of the years and I am really looking forward to having a dust free area for my gear. I have decided to have the canopy powder coated as it is so durable and it will be in classic Toyota white to match the roof of the cab.

00:27 Gauges from MTQ
01:49 Gearbox Bash Plate
02:21 Wiring Loom
03:44 Rhino Cab Aluminium Canopy Weld

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Milo 2 – Body Panels, Exhaust and Handbrake Mon, 07 Aug 2017 21:59:25 +0000
We got the rest of the body panels and roof back from Hylton at Flying Paint. The roof on Milo had always been a problem so I wanted to get this one fitted properly right from the start so I got ‘SMART’ Richard to do the job. Pete stepped up to fit the custom 3″ exhaust and that came out just the way I want it, pure horn! The other challenge for the day was the handbrake, because we had to use a new handbrake cable from a 79 Series, we needed to modify the mounting on the rear diff. I hooked into the cover on the gear levers in the cab which needed fabricating because of the difference in the 60 Series gearbox.

01:20 Fitting the roof
02:00 Milo 2 Gets An Exhaust
03:15 Gear Lever Cover In Cab
04:15 Handbrake modification
07:13 40 Series Front Panels

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Milo 2 – Blocking Out The Noise and New Glass – Roothy Bushmechanics Sun, 06 Aug 2017 06:57:08 +0000
Wow, Milo 2’s gonna be flush with comfort! Big talks with Neville at the with Aussie owned company Tru-Fit Automotive Products means I’ve got the gist of soundproofing and insulating the cabin so here we go – thanks to my mate Jason anyway who’s a whole lot more patient than me! Gees, maybe the Handbrake will want to come on more trips now eh? Hope not. Anyway next thing we know our mate Chris from Sunshine Coast Windscreens shows up to professionally fit the glass back into the cabin including a new windscreen – wow, things are really happening – and happening properly for a change too. Help support the Milo 2 project and subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates on all things Roothy!

Check out Tru-Fit’s awesome products at

01:55 Resomat sound deadener
02:11 Sound Deadener installed
04:38 Milo 2 Winsdcreen Install

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Milo 2 Tough As Nails Dash,Brakes and a Heater – Roothy Bushmechanics Fri, 04 Aug 2017 21:01:54 +0000
Richard’s knocking up a beaut dash panel out of aluminium plate having declined my offer of some cheapo cutting boards like the ones I used in Milo. But apart from a lot of updating and ‘SMART’ solutions the original’s simplicity is being retained. I copped the job of refitting the blower motor for the heater – yeck, too much comfort! – and bolted a new Terrain Tamer clutch master cylinder and the vacuum brake unit that Brookers Brake and Clutch rebuilt, to the firewall. There’s a bit of a yarn in this video on vacuum and what it does for those who’ve never used one at home… hahaha, that’d be you Chooka – and finally we get to fit a throttle that’s a mixture of 40 and 60 parts! If you are loving this build project as much as me and the lads then make sure you help us out by subscribing to this channel, its FREE!

00:35 Tough As Nail Dash
03:30 Milo 2 Get A Heater – Luxury!
07:13 Brake booster
09:50 Bomber Command Centre

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Milo 2 – Body Painted, Fuel Tank and Lines Fitted and More – Roothy Bush Mechanics Wed, 02 Aug 2017 02:28:31 +0000
Big day this one, we got the body back from Hyton at Flying Paint and what a finish he achieved, even if he was forced to use my favourite roof and metal paint. We got stuck into Milo 2’s breathers (gearbox and both diffs of course) while The Bush Company’s Dean wops out the grinder to tidy up the new 79 Series tray to fit the old 47 Series chassis. Dean’s also finalising the tray mounts and showing off some great metalworking skills when we get him to help modify the gearbox bash plate too. Richard’s launching into the dash panel and fitting up the Lancaster bomber bomb arming switches we’re using to control everything while Jason’s getting everything ready to get the fuel tank back in. All that and more as push on to the final stages. To stay up to date with everything Roothy be sure to subscribe to the channel it really helps us out as well.

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